Monday, October 1, 2012

Adapt Your Outlook

This tree grows in the middle of downtown Jacksonville, flourishing amongst the concrete. Our marriages are like this tree. We are surrounding by obstacles that will try and stem our growth, try to keep our roots from growing deep and our branches from spreading. As we all know, the statistics for successful marriages are not encouraging. Picture your marriage as that tree and it's easy to see why so many fail. Our attempts to grow, to mature, are held back by the bondage of the world that surrounds us. It stagnates us. Crushes us. Causes us to fail.

Like this tree, we can find ways to grow amongst the hurts of this world. Despite all attempts to make us fail, we can grow. We can adapt.

What may have worked for couples a few decades ago may not be as effective in the present. Not because the ideas and thoughts are outdated, no it's more that we need to adapt ourselves and those strategies to perform well in the current world. A business may keep it's strategy for 100 years but their way of looking and applying the strategy may change, but their core stays the same. 

Adapt your outlook not because your strategy does not work, but because adaptation will always ensure that we are fully aware of the issues that surround us, that may cause trouble in our marriage.