Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cutting Grocery Costs: Part One


One of our favorite ways to cut costs is through Amazon's subscribe and save. If you subscribe to 5 or more items per month, you save 15% on those products, which is the cheapest that I have personally been able to find for these particular products. You can cancel or move the items around to your heart's content or for when your family actually needs them. We get some items every month and some we get once a year. Also, it's basically like Christmas when you get household products in the big Amazon box delivered to your front door. Here's some of the items that are a constant in our household:

Also, if you have young kids, think about Amazon Family, you get 20% off diapers & wipes subscriptions:

Beyond all of this, Amazon offers coupons that you can clip. A lot of them are for the first order of a subscription but every penny counts. Please do your due diligence and shop around but we have found that our orders not only save us money, because we no longer have a membership at a Costco or Sam's, but can still buy in bulk and it's delivered to our doorstep, meaning less gas to run to an additional store and less chance to buy the things we really don't need.