Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sing To Me

My life is full of song.

Brian sings me at least once a day. It's a perfect snapshot of my life, those moments that my husband sings to me. I have two choices in those moments. I can either sing along and have fun with my husband or I can laugh it off and just call him silly. That decision of course is a little harder when I'm in public and he's singing to me, dance moves and all. In the past few years, that decision, which was once always laughing it off, has turned to singing along with him. It's a perfect decision that is about living in the moment instead of worrying about others opinion of us. Why not sing along with my husband? Why not twirl when he twirls me? Why should anyone frown at me for something as simple as that? But that's just it, people look at you like you are crazy.

It used to bother me when people stared at me for being a little out there. I know that I'm a completely clumsy, dorky kind of girl who paired herself with a husband that sings and dances in public. Don't get me wrong, we are by no means breaking out in the salsa in the middle of a grocery store. It's way more subtle than that. At least we hope...

When I think about it though, it's those moments of the simplest decisions, whether to sing or not, whether to dance or not, they are the ones that rule your life. Yes, big decisions have the most impact on your life, but those little ones, they accumulate into the path that your life follows. Each time I choose not to sing, not to dance, I'm holding myself back. I'm afraid of what others will think of us. Well, at least I did. It came down to one single thought. Why should I care what others think? I need to focus on what God thinks, what I think and what my husband thinks of my actions. Not the world. The world is not what I want to be like. I do not want to be of this world.

So, I sing, I dance, I live in the moment. I choose to live in the little moments as well as the big ones. Those moments of singing and dancing with my husband bring a smile to my face daily. God gives us these little moments to see how we react, to see if the decision will change, to see if we will grow. My decision used to be embarrassment. Now, well I'd much rather sing, I'd rather grow. Live in the little moments. Live in the big moments. Just live.

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