Monday, September 17, 2012

52 Date Nights

So, in my addiction to Pinterest, I came upon a list of 52 date night ideas for once a week for a year. I thought it would be a good idea to make my own list. Some of her's wouldn't work for us or aren't plausible this early in our marriage, but you can find her list here: So on to my own list. I will be using a couple of her ideas, just because I love them and I think they would make for a fun date night.

Most of my ideas I wanted to be free or under $20, for a couple on a budget, like us, or those who want /need to spend that money elsewhere.

Here we go:

1.   Start a mason jar at the beginning of the year to open the next New Year's Eve and fill it with all of the good things that happen to you during the year. Write each one a piece of paper and fold it up. Your first one can be the beginning of a new year together.  (This one is ongoing but you need to start sometime.)
2.   Look through your wedding pictures/video and just reminisce. Great way to remember how you got to where you are now.
3.   Do a puzzle and order a pizza. Good chance to catch up and just talk to your partner.
4.   Go blueberry picking (or what is in season where you are), then make some dessert! Don't forget some iced tea or fresh lemonade.
5.   Play games together, either board games or video games.
6.   Sketch out your dream home and list your must-haves. (Brian would love a big garage)
7.   Have a marathon of your favorite show. Brian and I did this when we had no cable and only Netflix.
8.   Go window shopping....for houses. Drive around and pick out what house you like best. You may find your tastes differ...=).
9.   Play 20 questions.
10. Star gazing, grab a blanket and head somewhere you can see the stars.
11. Mute the TV and make up the dialogue.
12. Make a list of places you want to visit, then rank them.
13. Go put-put golfing or to a driving range.
14. Go bowling.
15. Watch your favorite childhood movies.
16. Get up early, watch the sunrise and go eat breakfast somewhere. Here in Jacksonville, FL we love Metro Diner.
17. Go antiquing! There are some great finds for under $20.
18. Go to a farmer's market and grab your dinner. We like Riverside Arts Market here, they have crafts along with the fresh fruits and veggies. Makes for a fun outing.
19. Plan your next vacation! Whether it's a weekend trip, one to see family or somewhere exotic.
20. Make a combined bucket list. Then, watch The Bucket List.
21. Go to a fun area and window shop! We like St. Augustine, FL, since it's historic and eclectic.
22. Go to a museum!
23. Have a craft night. I'll put up a couple of my favorite crafts for you to try out. Crafts can make living on a budget easier and look better than store bought items.
24. Go to Michaels and pick out some decor items. We've found things for decorating our bathrooms that ended up costing $10-$20.
25. Take a long walk. We have the beach but just in your neighborhood would be just as good.
26. Write love letters to each other.
27. Talk about your future and make goals.
28. Make a list of baby names to see how your tastes change when you get there.
29. Cook something daring and outside of your comfort zone.
30. Curl up on the couch and chat/nap. Just enjoy each other's company.
31. Go rock climbing.
32. Go to the mall and window shop/people watch.
33. Just have a movie night, cook the popcorn and curl up together.
34. Invite friends over and play some games. Rate Your Mate would be a fun one =). Gets pretty competitive.
35. Put on some music and dance.
36. Have a baking night!
37. Teach Brian to cook something.
38. Have Brian teach me about football.
39. Make a pillow fort and tell each other stories.
40. Make a playlist for your next road trip.
41. Spa night, including facial masks or foot soaks. Don't forget some chocolate fondue!
42. Go to a pumpkin patch and have a carving contest.
43. Have a slumber party in your living room, including staying up late talking and junk food.
44. During Christmas time, go look at the lights.
45. Take some quizzes, how well do you know each other? Make it fun! Quizzes can be found online or a bookstore.
46. Go to an arcade. Be kids together =).
47. Scrapbook your memories. I always mean to and never have the time. This would make it easy to get done.
48. Go to a fair.
49. Make cookies for the people you love and surprise them!
50. Go to a corn maze and come home to some crock pot apple cider!
51. Photo collage date. Grab your camera and take a walk to find objects that make letters! Spell a word and hang it.
52. Plan your dream vacation. Each of you pick a place and present it to the other person. Grab a book from Barnes and Noble and plan an adventure!

And don't forget to take pictures along the way!!

Also, a great way to go these would be to put them in a jar, color coded. Make the seasonal ones one color, the stay at home ones another, and the going out ones another color, like in this blog post: I'm currently in the process of making us one!

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