About the Davis'

We are a family of 3.5 (we have 75 lb boxer who thinks he's 10 lbs) living in the mitten state. My name is Tracie and I come from a non-traditional family and I wasn't baptized until I was 17. The boy who would become my husband introduced me to Jesus and it's been quite the journey since. It's not been an easy one, but I wouldn't change a thing about our crazy life together. I'm an accountant and my husband, Brian, is an auditor at one of the big 4. We have crazy schedules and lots of family nights with my family. We continually miss our family in Florida (we moved to MI in August of 2015). We have a 15 month old daughter named Quinn and our boxer's name is Tucker.

I'll share our life, marriage, the joys of being a parent, life, new experiences, epiphanies, ideas and favorite recipes and I'll try to impart some wisdom along the way. 

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