Friday, May 10, 2013

Our Puppy

My sweet husband and I got a puppy about 3 months ago. He is our sweet, goofy, clumsy, daredevil, and just all around lovable puppy. He has wiggled his little butt into our lives and now we can't imagine life without him. It's amazing how we were worried about handling him before getting him (Brian's the worrier) and now he is a HUGE presence in our lives. He is a boxer and named him Tucker, which we agreed on after many, many vetoes on each side. That is one challenge I don't think many people expect. I know I think all the names I like are awesome, but it always is a surprise when your hubby thinks otherwise. All you can think is, How is that not awesome? I thought of it! Yet, it gets vetoed.

Tucker is a boxer with lapdog syndrome. He is my 45 lb and growing lapdog. He's my cuddle bug though and I love it, even when my legs fall asleep.

I am so glad we got a puppy before we had a baby. He is a great way to see how each person parents. We found out who the patient one is (Brian), the one who remembers his monthly flea and tick medicine (Me). Its nice to figure a little bit out before going whole turkey on the kid thing. As much as I am excited to be a mom, Tucker takes enough of my energy right now.

Tucker has been great for helping me be patient. He's shown me how great my husband is at being the saver, the wise planner in our family. He has a plan for us and seeing how much goes into taking care of Tucker, I can appreciate that plan so much more. Whether its our 5-year plan for a baby or our 2-year plan for a house, I am so amazed at his steadfastness. He sees our goal and is focused on it, bringing me back to it when I get sidetracked (which is way more often than I would like). And yet, while he is so focused on our future, when there is something in the present that we need to incorporate into our plans, he is willing to listen to me and compromise on our plans. We changed our house plan from a 3-year plan to a 2-year plan due to the housing market being in our favor right now.

It's amazing how a couple can complement each other in so many different facets of life, like parenting and planning. In each new way we find, I can't help but know even deeper that Brian is very best man that could be my husband. All the superficial things you may notice while dating, like their looks, while they may stay when you're married, they become second rate when paired next to those things that fit with you like a puzzle piece. It's a blessing to know that we will continue to find those little nuances throughout our marriage.

It's amazing how a 10 lb puppy can change your life. I would never change it back.

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