Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Fun in Michigan

After uprooting our entire life in Florida and moving to Michigan six weeks ago, we have been in limbo. Limbo is terrible!! We are living with my mom (What on earth would we do without moms?) and everything, except necessities, is in storage. So, we are left without a sense of normal until we can find our home.

Yet, even with it all, family time has been amazing. My entire family lives in Michigan, with the exception of a couple of strays. My mom and I had been part of that group of strays for nine years until we moved back, bringing my husband and daughter along for the ride. Michigan is that kind of state that will always be home, no matter where you may roam.

So, now that we are Michiganders, our licenses and tags say so, we are diving in full force. A couple of weekends ago we went apple picking and to the pumpkin patch. Oh how I have missed a Michigan fall!

The apple picking at Stony Creek Orchard was so fun! Q carried an apple around the whole time we were picking our mixed 1/2 bushel. My sweet hubby was our designated apple picker for those really high ones. He didn't have to jump barely at all. Ah, a life I will never know, since I am only a foot shorter than him.... Oh well, I don't have to bend down when helping Q walk. We all win a little.

There is just nothing like a real pumpkin patch. For the past nine years in Florida, we had gone to a church for pumpkins. While it was great and donated to a great cause, there is nothing like getting your boots all muddy and grabbing your pumpkins right from the vine. We got to enjoy a hayride and pumpkin picking with my mom and my older brother and his family. Q is loving having cousins to play with.

The pumpkin patch at Porter's Orchard in Goodrich was so fun. And let me say that the apple cider and fresh, still hot donuts were so good that Q was baby-birding it. She could not get enough. 

So here's to a new life in Michigan, may it be full of apple cider and donuts and lots of time with family. Wouldn't that be a beautiful life indeed? 

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