Thursday, September 13, 2012

Let Go

Sometimes in the hectic pace of life I need to take a break. When the week ends and I finally get a break, sometimes I just can't keep up the pace. Usually I have an even longer list of things to get done on the weekends than during the week. Most weekends I successfully complete my list and maybe even sleep a little. Then there are those few weekends that I just crash and burn. I get to Friday evening and all I want to do is be lazy. I want to sleep in, or rather catch up on the sleep that I've missed in the past several weeks. Hibernation sounds like an amazing idea at that point.

When I feel like that, my neatly written list of to dos don't get crossed out. Things go undone and it's all because I just need a break, even if it drives me crazy and I have to make it up later. At least, I used to have to make it up. Even though I tend to be the clean freak and love to do the laundry and wash the dishes (which Brian thinks is just weird), Brian picks up the slack when I need to let things slide a little.  As much as I would love to be super wife and do everything, I know I need Brian's help. So, on those weekends that I let things slide, he steps in and helps with the laundry and the dishes. Even though Brian doesn't like either chore, he does it anyway.

It took me a while to let go of those things, because I would love to not make him do it when I like doing those chores. But when you need help, you just need to let go. I've always struggled with that option. I'm your classic overachiever. I'd like to do my job and more and look good doing it.

Yet, it just reminds of how God is in our life. When we get to the point that we let go a little bit, He steps in to pick up the slack. He keeps you going, keeps your momentum. He proves that if you would relax a little, stop worrying as much and let go of the reins, life would not fall apart. Instead you may be pleasantly surprised.

As I've noticed with my life with Brian, when I let go a little, things still get done. The world does not fall apart, it does not end. Instead, I usually get through the weekend feeling rested and ahead for the next week. When I try to do it all by myself I barely make it through my list and usually start the next week even more tired than I was going end. It's a unending cycle that makes me crave sleep. When I accept the help I get more done and I get some sleep.

When I started giving things to God, my life got easier. I don't worry as much as I used to, I don't wonder what I'm doing with my life, don't question if what I'm doing is right. Instead, I'm still moving through life, easier than before, and I feel as if I'm accomplishing much more than I was before handing over the reigns. Before, I worked in retail, had no life, and didn't have much to show for. Now, I have an amazing job that is relevant to my degree, have time for friendships, fellowship and family, and have so many blessings it's amazing.

Sometimes, when life gets hard and you can't keep a handle on things, maybe it's because you just need to let go. It's scary and you won't know what to expect but when you hand over those reigns, life gets so much easier. You'll still have that long list of to dos sometimes, but accomplishing them will be easier when you aren't worried about life in general.

Just let go.

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