Friday, September 7, 2012

Finding the Time

I think as a couple we are a great example of how life can get in the way of our time together. I work full-time as a staff accountant and go to school full-time. So, I go to work during the day and have class at night until around 9pm. I may be only three months away from getting my BA but it seems like years right now. Brian works full-time as an auditor and is currently taking the four parts for the CPA exam, he's half-way through (which we celebrated a couple of weeks ago!).

So, as you can see our time is maxed out during the week. When the weekends roll around it isn't much better. Friday nights we may have to ourselves but more often then not we like to catch up with friends. Saturdays are now dedicated to football and I do all of the grocery shopping for the week. I make big meals on the weekends since I have no time to cook during the week. I make all of our lunches and dinners ahead of time. So Saturdays don't make for quality husband and wife time either. Sundays are for church and catching up before a new week begins.

Simply put, our life is little hectic. In order to make sure we don't lose each other in life's shuffle we always make sure to make some time just for us, even if it is relaxing on the couch and cuddling. We had our first date night in months a couple of weeks ago. We went to a nice dinner and then did a little bargain shopping together.

In my roundabout way, the point I'm getting at is that fact that it so easy to just go through the motions in life and forget about the time that we need to spend with each other. If we don't spend time with each other, finding new things together, growing, adjusting, and more, then our marriage could easily stagnate and even decline quickly. When it comes down to it, what is most important to us? Our career or school, which end in this life? Or are our relationships most important, those which last forever, throughout eternity? I think we forget that this life is temporary and we get caught up in these worldly pursuits and we set aside our relationships, those with friends, family, and God as well. I know how hard it is to just set aside the world and spend time with those who need me. Life is very demanding, constantly nipping on our heals. Yet, the things that are so quick to leave us in life are our relationships. You may not know that fully until you lose someone.

Almost three years ago I lost my brother, Matthew. He was way to young, only 23 years old. He was a beautiful person who got caught up in the disappointments of this world and let them destroy him. More than anything, many people wish they could go back and change their relationship with him, to see if it would have made a difference, to see if it could have saved him from leaving us so soon. Relationships are so precious. Invest in them now. They may be gone tomorrow and you'll be wishing you could go back. It's an eternal investment, the safest one you'll make. With everyone, including God.

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