Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Peanut Butter to My Jelly

We purchased my new car on Friday and it was quite an experience. We are so glad to be on this end of it. It was our first time purchasing a car with no parents involved. Brian researched and researched cars up until we bought it, wanting to make sure that I was getting something that I would be happy with for the next 10 years. That may seem like a long time to keep a car but it's how I am. I kept my car that wasn't a gem for over 5 years, just imagine what I can do with a car that has all it's working parts, plus some. It's a luxury to have air conditioning, wiper blade fluid, a driver's door handle that works and more. It's amazing what you realize you were missing when you get it.

The whole experience was frustrating for us. The dealership we went through has a "no-haggle" policy. They say it's because they take away all of the haggling and give one low price. This was great until they told us when we were ready that instead of waiting 3 days like they originally told us we would be waiting 2 weeks. I don't know about you, but once we decided we were buying it I became impatient and 2 weeks was too long when they had promised 3 days. So we started looking into it. We found a couple of other places that we giving lower prices to us. This is where it became super messy. Our original dealership and the new one started battling for us, basically. Lowering the price and offering incentives to get us to buy their car. It took one day of it for us to be resigned and just wanting to pick a place. So we did. We went with our original dealership who said they could get it when they had originally planned. Great! Except we had put a deposit on a car in both dealerships. Well you definitely live and you learn. Don't do that. The other dealership did not want to give us our deposit back. They said they wouldn't and yelled at my husband. Brian proceeded to hang up on the guy. Whoops. But what would you do if someone was yelling at you? It was completely unexpected and we didn't know what to do.

So Brian said it was my decision and since I didn't like being yelled at I decided we would just take the hit of the deposit. I didn't want to go through the process with someone who may not treat us very well. We got an e-mail a short while later by someone else at the other dealership saying we would get our deposit back. We have yet to see it but at least it's a start. We still bought it at the other dealership and they were great about it.

The whole process definitely caused frustration and bad moods for both of us which is unfortunate since it's a good time. It was a struggle for us but we got through this obstacle and are closer as a result. When one of us is frustrated the other other one always seems to be calm. I take it as a blessing from God that it happens every time. It shows me how Brian is definitely the peanut butter to my jelly. We complement each other even in the tough times and it shows me again and again how he is my soulmate. God made us for each other and I get to see that every day.

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